About Us / 關於我們


  1. 專營台灣蝴蝶蘭,日本蕙蘭批發 --- 這二十年來從不間斷以空運為客人提供高品質的蘭花,產地清晰。

  2. 品質保證 --- 有專人親身到訪蘭場確保品質,品種選擇多,供應亦穩定。

  3. 空運 --- 二十年來每星期都堅持以空運來花,保持花的鮮度及品質。對於客人來說,下單也相對較多彈性。

  trust-unsplash     photo source : unsplash


Established in 2001 with more than 20 years of experience, Justone Trading Co. has been striving to provide clients/florists with high quality Phalaenopsis (orchid) from Taiwan and also Cymbidium from Japan. 

  1. High Quality Orchids from Taiwan and Japan --- 20 years of importing experience using air freight to provide high quality orchids to clients/florists. Country of origin is undoubted.

  2. Quality Assurance --- Our regular visits and long-term relation with growers guarantees reliability in supply, quality          and variety.

  3. By Air Freight Only --- We insist on using air freight every week to ensure freshness and high quality. This also enables more flexibility for ordering.